Frequently Asked Questions Personal Mailing List

Q. How do I select a label template, e.g., the Avery 5160 label?

A. Personal Mailing List comes with over 100 pre-defined Avery and NEBS label templates, covering just about any Avery and NEBS mailing, shipping, and related label you can find on the market.

To use any of these labels, select Labels from the main menu to display the Print Labels screen. Then click New. An Avery 5160 label (the most commonly used label) will be created, and you will be taken to the Label Design Screen. If you want to use a different label type, press the Label Layout button. Press the Help button at the Label Design Screen for specific help with this.

Q. I want hard-copy printouts of my records. Can Personal Mailing List print such reports?

A. Yes. Select Reports from the main menu.

Personal Mailing List comes with four pre-defined reports for instant report printing.

Q. Can Personal Mailing List print envelopes?

A. No. Personal Mailing List is for printing labels and reports/lists.

Q. I have name/address records in other programs. Can I import them into Personal Mailing List?

A. Yes, if the records are in either a dBase format or an ASCII comma delimited format. Please see the on-line Help for complete information on importing dBase and ASCII comma-delimited records.

Q. I type the letter C in the Codes field to indicate that a person is a Customer. How do I select just these Customers records?

A. Click the Filter icon on the main screen to display the Filter screen. Enter $C in the Codes field. Click OK to set the filter and return to the main screen.>Only those records containing a C in the Codes field are now active. The exact number is shown in yellow at the bottom of the screen.

Note that a Clear Filter icon is now displayed in the bottom right corner of the main screen. Click this icon whenever you want to turn the filter off. When setting a filter, $ (dollar sign) means 'contains',  ; (semicolon) means 'or', and + (plus sign) means 'and'. To set a filter for records containing either C or S in the Codes field, you would enter $C;$S (which means: contains C or contains S). Entering $C+$S in the Codes field on the Filter screen would produce all records containing both C and S in the Codes field.

Please see the on-line Help for complete information on setting filters.

Q. What label formats can be printed by Personal Mailing List?

A. Personal Mailing List has a fairly extensive list of built in label formats. In addition, you can define your own label format by filling in some simple measurements, which most label manufacturers provide. You can also modify any of the built in label formats to suit your needs. This page gives a complete list of label formats .

Q. Can I print labels in different sort orders?

A. Yes. Select a sorting order from the Sort menu on the main screen. Labels will then be printed in whatever the current sorting order is. Below are the sorting orders available on the main screen under the Sort menu:

Special Purpose Fields for Sorting and Filtering

Q: How do I reinstall or install on a new computer?

- download Personal Mailing List from here:

- reinstall it (or install it on the new computer). Once installed, run the program and enter the serial number. If you no longer have your serial number, you can request a lookup here:

If you have a question that is not answered here, feel free to send us an email. For technical questions, email and for purchase or upgrade related questions, send email to