Download for Windows XP through Windows 10

Download Personal Mailing List

Current Version: 1.66.10

More information:

The file you will be downloading will be named pmlsetup.exe. It is the installation file for Personal Mailing List. The file size is approximately 4.5 Megabytes.

Once the file is downloaded and saved on your hard drive, you may run it at any time to install the Personal Mailing List program on your computer. (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10). 

Try Personal Mailing List free for 30 days.  Download the program installation file, and then run the file to install the program. The installation program will place a program icon on your desktop. To start the program, simply click the program icon.

The test drive and the registered version are the same program. The only difference is that in the test drive, certain features will be deactivated after 30 days.

When you purchase the program, you are purchasing a User Name and Serial Number to license the program and to remove the test drive restrictions from the program. Your User Name and Serial Number will be emailed to you once your payment has been processed, and you may then use this to unlock the Test Drive for permanent use - you do not have to download anything else.

Updating/upgrading for Existing Users

To upgrade or replace your registered copy, you need to download and install the latest Test Drive of the program from one of the download link above. The Test Drive installation program contains everything needed to update or replace your registered copy of the program. Please review and follow these steps:

1. If upgrading, first determine if there is a newer version. The current version is always shown on the Recent Changes part of the Details page. To determine the version of the program you are now using, click Help About on the program's main menu.

2. In general we do not recommend upgrading any of our products unless you have particular problems which have been addressed, or you need specific features which have been added. We like to follow the "If it works, don't fix it" rule.

3. Before any major action such as an upgrade, be sure to BACKUP the complete directory of the program you are upgrading. Mistakes happen, and only a complete backup can provide complete assurance that recovery can be done if needed.

4. Once you have downloaded the Test Drive from the download link above, continue with either step #5 or #6 below.

5. If you are updating the version currently on your computer, simply install the test drive  over top of your existing registered version (same drive, directory, etc). It will automatically recognize the registration and will then become a fully registered version. Data and files will remain intact.

6. If you are moving to a NEW COMPUTER or REINSTALLING after a hard drive crash (i.e. there is no existing copy of Personal Mailing List on the computer), then simply install the Test Drive on the new computer. Then follow the directions previously sent in the email containing your "registered name and serial number", using the same registration information (serial number etc) as previously sent.

7. Please note: We do not offer technical support for switching operating systems.