Comments from our customers

"I love your products. They are easy enough that anyone can run them. I just purchased the calendar software Saturday. These are great. Thanks."

"Used the program for the 30 day trial and loved it. It is the best I've used and I like the multiple ways you can list things."

"I have already tried it, and it is much easier to use than Microsoft products. Visually uncluttered yet powerful enough to meet my needs."

"I looked at your demo, and it's just what I was looking for!"

"Works AOK, just what I was looking for! Please hurry with the serial number!"

"I have been searching for this kind of software program for months ! It is very easy to use. Thanks."

"This is the third software program I've tested and bought from guys do EVERYTHING right! Keep it up!"

"Exactly the piece of software I needed. Thanks"

"Tried your mailing list a few days on the free trial. Great product. Thanks."

"Like your software alot Thank you for makinging it affordable and for the Full Trial option. Made a differance. "

"Your products are just great! They are simple without a lot of the nonsense or complexity of other software."

"This program is simple but elegant. Nice work!"

"This is exactly the product I was looking for. I very much appreciate the trial period to arrive at that conclusion. I'll be back!"

"All your Software Programs I have purchased, work flawlessly. Keep up the good work!"

"Great little program. I had it up and running in no time and I can see a lot of uses for it besides just mailing labels."

"I like the simplicity of the program. It was what I was looking for at this time."

"Thank you! My old database crashed with over 7,000 names in it! I was able to use your program to get my labels program back on line. You saved me a huge headache! I am so glad you had a program that would work for our organization."

"Love your programs - easy and compact - saved me hours of frustration and searching for the programs that I like!"

"This program works really well. Had no trouble importing records from Label Master."

"Thank you for your recommendation for this program. It is just what I was looking for. I have been able to transfer all of my records from my old LM5 program. That sure saved a lot of work. This is really a great program, I recommend it!"

"I love this program. I tested the trial version and its working great for my small home based business. THANKS!"

"Good software. The PML saved us a lot of time when we did our X-MAS and NEW YEARS list!"

"First time I ever downloaded something and it worked as advertised."