Label Formats

Personal Mailing List has a fairly extensive list of built in label formats, listed below. In addition, you can define your own label format by filling in some simple measurements, which most label manufacturers provide. You can also modify any of the built in label formats to suit your needs.

Below are the built in label formats, by category, followed by a description of user-defined labels:

Avery Laserjet

Avery 5160 Address
Avery 5161 Address
Avery 5162 Address
Avery 5163 Address/Shipping
Avery 5164 Address/Shipping
Avery 5167 Return Address
Avery 5260 Address
Avery 5261 Address
Avery 5262 Address
Avery 5263 Address/Shipping
Avery 5264 Address/Shipping
Avery 5267 Return Address
Avery 5660 Clear Address
Avery 5661 Clear Address
Avery 5662 Clear Address
Avery 5663 Clear Address
Avery 5664 Clear Address/Shipping
Avery 5667 Clear Return Address
Avery 5845 MtgCreator Clear Address
Avery 5920 Address
Avery 5922 Address
Avery 5923 Address/Shipping
Avery 5927 Return Address
Avery 5930 Clear Address
Avery 5932 Clear Address
Avery 5963 Address/Shipping
Avery 6460 30 Labels per page
Avery 6464 6 Labels per page
Avery 2160 2 17/27 x 1 Addressing Mini-Sheet
Avery 2162 4 x 1 32/97 Addressing Mini-Sheet
Avery 2163 4 x 2 Address/Shipping Mini-Sheet
Avery 2660 2 17/27 x 1 Clear Address Mini-Sheet
Avery 2662 4 1/4 x 1 5/16 Clear Address Mini-Sheet
Avery 2663 4 1/4 x 2 Clear Address Label Mini-Sheet

Avery Inkjet

Avery 8160 Ink Jet Address
Avery 8161 Ink Jet Address
Avery 8162 Ink Jet Address
Avery 8163 Ink Jet Address/Shipping
Avery 8164 Ink Jet Address/Shipping
Avery 8167 Ink Jet Return Address
Avery 8460 Ink Jet Address
Avery 8462 Ink Jet Address
Avery 8463 Ink Jet Address/Shipping
Avery 8660 Ink Jet Clear Address
Avery 8662 Ink Jet Clear Address
Avery 8663 Ink Jet Clear Address/Shipping
Avery 8920 Ink Jet Address
Avery 8922 Ink Jet Address
Avery 8923 Ink Jet Address/Shipping
Avery 8927 Ink Jet Return Address
Avery 8930 Ink Jet Clear Address
Avery 8932 Ink Jet Clear Address

Avery Laserjet European Sizes

Avery L30063 Address
Avery L30065 Parcel
Avery L7159 Address
Avery L7160 Address
Avery L7161 Address
Avery L7162 Address
Avery L7163 Address
Avery L7164 Address
Avery L7165 Parcel
Avery L7166 Parcel
Avery L7167 Shipping
Avery L7168 Shipping
Avery L7173 Shipping
Avery L7263 Address - Fluorescent Yellow
Avery L7551 Clear Mini Address
Avery L7562 Address Clear
Avery L7563 Address Clear
Avery L7565 Address Clear
Avery L7651 Mini Address
Avery L7680 Mini Address - Gold
Avery L7690 Mini Address - Silver
Avery Inkjet European Sizes
Avery J40063 Address
Avery J40065 Parcel
Avery J8159 Address
Avery J8160 Address
Avery J8161 Address
Avery J8162 Address
Avery J8163 Address
Avery J8164 Address
Avery J8165 Parcel
Avery J8166 Parcel
Avery J8167 Shipping
Avery J8168 Shipping
Avery J8360 Address
Avery J8362 Address
Avery J8363 Address
Avery J8365 Parcel
Avery J8367 Shipping
Avery J8368 Shipping
Avery J8560 Clear Address
Avery J8562 Clear Address
Avery J8563 Clear Address
Avery J8565 Clear Parcel
Avery J8651 Mini Address

NEBS Laserjet

NEBS 12475 2 5/8 x 1
NEBS 12476 4 x 1 1/2
NEBS 12477 4 x 2
NEBS 12478 4 x 3 1/3
NEBS 1791 4 x 3 1/4
NEBS 3790 4 x 3 5/16
NEBS 3791 4 x 3 5/16
NEBS 3792 4 x 3 5/16
NEBS 3793 4 x 3 5/16
NEBS 3795 4 x 3 5/16
NEBS 9376 4 x 3 1/4
NEBS 9395 4 x 3 1/4

(Note: most label brands (i.e. Maco) have Avery equivalents that can be found on this list)

User defined layout

This type of layout, which you create from a blank template or by modifying an existing built in format, defines all aspects of the label format by entering 9 measurements (which are normally provided by the label manufacturer):

You can enter label dimensions in either Inches or Millimeters - just check which you want to use at the top of the screen.



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