* If you have not already done so, please take advantage of our 30-day trial, available on the download page. The 30 day trial is completely free, and allows you to fully evaluate whether the software is suitable for your needs, before purchasing. Please do not purchase a license thinking we have left features of of the trial - we have not. We provide a fully functional trial which has all the features available in the licensed version.

Purchase Calendar Builder

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Purchase Calendar Builder securely online for $9.95 (US)

Once your purchase is approved you will be sent a serial number by email

License name limitations

When entering your name on the order form it is best to use only characters A-Z, a-z and normal punctuation. This is true with Cyrillic, Hebrew, Polish & Turkish character sets, among others.

How many computers is the license good for?

You can use the serial number for two computers such as a laptop and desktop

Will this program run on my computer?

Full program requirements are here.

What is the total cost?

The total cost is $9.95 US. There are no recurring costs or fees.

What happens when I order?

When you place your order, a serial number is sent to your email address. You may then use this serial number to register your Test Drive version of the software. Nothing else is shipped or sent, and you do not need to download anything else.

How long does Serial Number delivery take

It is normally fairly quick i.e. a matter of a few minutes. However some things will trigger a manual review, such as use of anonymous email services (hotmail.com, yahoo.com) and other factors.

  • Delays are also possible between the time it the email with the serial number is sent, and the time it is received as well, due to internet congestion. 

  • If the email is blocked by a spam blocker you have in place, we have no way to know that, so please be sure to check your spam folder too if applicable.

  • You should use your real email address. Anonymous email services such as hotmail.com, yahoo.com, etc. are subject to additional checking and require manual review. Manual review is usually completed within 24 hours, 48 on weekends and holidays.

If you have not received your serial number in a reasonable time, please email sales@tailwagsoft.com and we will send you the serial number by email using an alternate method and route.