Frequently Asked Questions Calendar Builder

Q: I want to be able to make a banner across various days on the calendar. How do I do that?

A. You can use the Label tool or Rich Text tool to create "floating" banner, which you can then position however you like.

Q: How can I put a picture on my calendar?

Use the Clip Art Tool to place a picture on a calendar. You can insert an image file having any of the following formats: BMP, GIF, JPG, PCX, ICO, EMF or WMF.

To insert an image onto a calendar, click the Clip Art Tool icon, place the mouse over the calendar surface, and press down with the left mouse button where you wish the object to start. While holding down the left mouse button, move the mouse cursor to the position where you wish the object to end, and then release the mouse button. A new object is created on the card, and the Load Image File screen will be displayed. Select the desired image file, and it will be placed on the calendar. Note: click the Tips button on the main screen for helpful hints.

Q: Can I put a border around my calendar?

Yes. Click File Properties (or click the Properties icon), select the Borders tab, and select any of the beautiful borders supplied with the program.

Q: Can I share my calendar with others who do not have Calendar Builder?

Yes. Use File > Save as Bitmap File, or File > Save as JPG File, to save your calendar to a standard Bitmap or JPEG graphics file, which you can then share with friends. Set the Zoom to 100% before saving in order to get the highest quality image.

Q: Calendar Builder comes with a large number of icons I can insert into my calendars. Can I also insert other icons located on my computer?

Yes. On the Icons screen, click the File option. Then click the Other... option at the bottom of the File menu. You can now select any icon file on your system. *.ICL, *.ICO and *.NIL are all types of icon or icon collection files. Calendar Builder's built-in icon sets use the *.ICL format. Windows also allows storage of icons in *.EXE and *.DLL files, and all of these are available for your use. For instance, you should find \windows\moreicons.dll and \windows\system\iconlib.dll, both of which have a number of icons in them. There are also collections of thousands of icons available on the internet - usually in *.ICO or *.ICL format.

Q: How many calendars am I allowed to print?

There is no limit. You can print as many calendars as you like, for as long as you like.

Q: How do I reinstall or install on a new computer?

- download Calendar Builder from here:

- reinstall it (or install it on the new computer). Once installed, run the program and enter the serial number. If you no longer have your serial number, you can request a lookup here:

If you have a question that is not answered here, feel free to send us an email. For technical questions, email and for purchase or upgrade related questions, send email to