Customer Comments

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"A friend of mine has this software and has been doing family calendars for the past couple of years with great success."

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"I have been using your 30 day free trial Calendar Builder and love it. I would like to register it at this time and get the additional benefits by doing this. It states on the Calendar Builder that I will get and additional 750 icons. Thanks for doing such a great job. "

"I have been using the trial version of Calendar Builder It is GREAT!!! I love the fact that I can use any font and artwork that I own on my calendars"

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"I downloaded the trial version of Calendar Builder off of ZDNET yesterday, and I love it. I home school my children and this software is just what I've been looking for. Thanks for making it so simple to use. "

"Thank you for a VERY simple way of solving a complex issue for our clinical study! I wish that I would have found you earlier, you would have saved me hours of work."

"Very user friendly product. Originally purchased Calendar Creator Ver 6 and found it very complex and not user friendly or intuitive. In my opinion you have a superior product."

"I love this program. I have calendar making capabilities in some of my Microsoft programs, but nothing as fun as this. You get a lot for very little here!"

"Very Nice product. I tested about 22 different Calendar programs. This was very easy to use, easy to configure, and easy to add my needs and graphics to. "