Comments from customers

"What a very well designed piece of software. Its exactly right for our purposes-thanks."

"Awesome software!!!! Bought it after using it for the first time...and it made my business look totally professional. I love the idea that it works great with Avery label stock! Keep up the good work."

"Thanks for saving me hours and hours of MS Word headaches.  "

"Awesome product... so easy to use! Blows away Word!"

"Great Software. Easy to use. Color coordination. Cost effective"

"Great label program! I've looked for 2 years for something this easy & stable!"

"A pleasure to purchase more software from your company. Your software is incredibly user friendly! It always does exactly what it says it will do and never lets you down. Thanks for KISS (keeping it simple for us stupids)!"

"I've used your software for years and was always pleased with them."

"I love your Visual Business Card Software, so I know that I will be happy with this one. I have used the trial version of Visual Labels, and found it to be easy to use. And fun too !!"

"I spent three hours trying to get Word to do what your program did perfectly in 10 minutes with only one reference to the help file. God I wish Microsoft software was this easy to use and understand."

"The labeling software is great - I especially like the way I can choose which labels on the sheet to print on. Sometimes I only want a few printed in a particular place."

"Downloaded it ten minutes ago and already I know I like it. Neat program."

"This is the BEST label software I have ever used; no longer need to work with Corel Office label software."

"I have not had to print video cassette labels for some time and last night found myself without a program to do so. I needed spine labels for some copies I have to deliver today. I ran a search on the net for inexpensive software, found your site, downloaded "Visual Labels" and got the job done. I like your product better than the more expensive alternative I used to use. It is thoughtfully designed and efficient. "

"I just LOVE your software! We recently purchased Visual Business Cards and find that your label program is just as wonderful! Quick, slick, simple and perfect output! Gosh, you'd think other companies might get the hint!"

"I really love this software. I've tried some others but they either don't allow you to print off individual labels or won't let you insert a graphic."

"This is the best label software around! It has and does everything I glad I found your site. Thank you!"

"I heard about Visual Labels at a Craft show two weeks ago, I downloaded it that night and tried it out immediately! This is sooooo easy, and uncomplicated! I paid $80.00 for the software I have been using for our product labels for nearly a year, and have fussed and fumed all the way! I absolutely love your software. A BIG thank you for being here!"

"The most excellent label program that I have used."

"The program is easy to use and just what I needed for my small home office"

"Great package! It was very easy to use and did exactly what I wanted. Congratulations on a fine job. "

"I like the fact that I can try the product before buying it. Most important is that the program you can try out is the FULL version! I'll be back to buy more programs."

"I compared your program to a trial version of a label program by Avery. Not only did your program allow me to do things that I could not do with the Avery costs a fraction of the amount they wanted for theirs. I'm very happy with Visual Labels after a month of use for varied applications. Thanks for a great product."

"Your business approach is refreshingly reasonable enlightened!"

"Simple, very effective product. I'm very satisfied!!!!"

"The Best Label Maker I have used, and I have used several....Keep up the Great Products!"

"I have been looking for a label program like this for a long time. It is simple to use and does everything I need it to do to label sequentially numbered inventory items. Thank You"

"I just tested the program on my new Epson 1520 printer and it was incredibly easy to use and gave perfect results the first time. (Not like the Avery template thing for Word. ;) "

"This program has worked better than a more expensive one I currently am using. I make labels for myself, for friends and for my church. I am very happy with your product."

"I have FINALLY found a Label program that WORKS. Thanks. P.S. Need some COASTERS ?"

"Just downloaded the trial version... used it to make 6 audio cassette labels I've been trying to make for a week now... I tried the avery wizard program.. it wouldn't work... found your software thru a search... I love it... worked the 1st time... thanks"

"Your programs are great! This is the third one I've ordered. Keep 'em coming. "

"Really appreciated the prompt reply from your support person. very reassuring!! "