Details and Technical Information

Program Requirements

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10.

Hard disk with at least 20 MB available.

800 x 600 screen resolution or better

It is recommended that you use a good quality color printer.

Recent Changes (version history)

Date Version Description
Nov 23, 2016 3.57.3 Added label Avery 22804 (oval)
Dec 10, 2013 3.57.2 Compatibility with Windows 8.1, minor cosmetic changes.
Sep 4, 2012 3.55
(no change)
Installation program now supports installs on Windows 8. After testing on the final Windows 8 release, we have found no compatibility issues and have therefore modified the installation program to include Windows 8 in the platform check.
May 5, 2011 3.55 Changed the maximum characters for a multi-line text object to unlimited. (formerly it was 254 characters)
Jan 27, 2011 3.54 Small tweaks and spelling corrections
Feb 18, 2010 3.53 Small changes for better compatibility with Windows 7 and 64-bit Windows
Jan 11, 2009 3.52 Improved registration process
April 29, 2008 3.50 Windows Vista support
Feb 26, 2008 3.40 Now includes all bonus are in the original install. No additional downloading is required.
Apr 19, 2006 3.31 Using some fonts, text would have the bottoms cut off when printing or previewing.
When zooming in or out, right aligned text would not always appear right aligned. (this was an issue with the preview only)
June 29, 2005 3.30 Numerous interface enhancements:
  • Added GIF support (reading) for Images and Textures
  • Enhanced color selection for all items
  • More feedback while editing labels via a tip panel at the bottom for each window
  • Main menu adds common options for operations such as: Add, Select, Move, Size and Align
  • Toolbar buttons have been added for copy/cut/paste/clone/select all/unselect all/lock/unlock/send to back/bring to front
  • Toolbar "Properties" button added to modify the selected items settings.
  • Item properties/settings are accessed via a single property screen.
  • Resized all major screens to fit within 800 x 600 rather than 640 x 480
  • Changes made to better accommodate those users who have chosen "Large Fonts" usage under their Windows display settings
  • Shapes now can be set as Circle, Square, Roundsquare
  • Selecting items that overlap other items is now easier, and works like one might reasonably expect
  • Autosize for an image is replaced with a setting called "Keep Proportions" which keeps the width and height proportional when the image is resized (also known as maintaining aspect ratio).
  • Corrected line item so that if > 1 point it prints with square ends rather than rounded
  • Corrected line item so that it prints more accurately
  • Added buttons for New, Open, Print and Preview to the button bar
  • New options Stretch to fit text and Shrink to fit text for text based drawing tools