Technical Support: If you have technical questions not answered on these web pages or in the program Help file, please send an email with your questions to . Be sure to check the Visual Business Cards FAQ page as well - the most common questions are answered there. 

Technical Support is provided for the computer and Windows version on which Visual Business Cards was installed on at time of purchase. We provide the free test drive so that you can test Visual Business Cards on the computer it is intended for, and the version of Windows that you will be using. We are unable to provide technical support for changing to different computers, or to different versions of Windows.

Before ordering: Please do email support with any questions you have before placing your order, and be sure to take advantage of the test drive. We want to be sure the program works for you before you place your order.

Serial Numbers: If you purchased your copy from from Tailwag Software (after January 1, 2009) then use this link to request a serial number.  If you did not purchase directly from us, then please do not send requests for serial numbers to us.