Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I go about creating a new business card?

To create a new business card, use the New Business Card Wizard . The New Card Wizard guides you through the entire process of creating a business card. Just point and click to choose your style, fonts and background from hundreds of built-in templates. When you are satisfied with the format you have chosen, a new card is automatically created. (you can modify or "tweak" any part of the card afterwards as well)

Q: What additional design tools are included?

Many tools are included for adding text, graphics, lines, boxes, shapes and backgrounds, in various formats.

Q: Can I easily personalize the cards?

Yes you can. Use the Change Personal Information screen and enter your personal information - name, email etc.. (note: this information never leaves your computer). Now, whenever you use the Wizard to create a new card, it will automatically personalize it using your information. You only need to do this one time, and the Wizard will remember. For families or businesses, you can keep multiple personalization profiles.

Q: What card stocks are supported?

A list of supported business card stock can be found at this link. These cover 99.9% of what you will find in office supply stores. In addition, if you have an unusual requirement you can create your own paper layout. Using the Change Business Card Layout screen, you can customize all aspects of the business card layout.

Q: Can I use my own logos or clipart?

Absolutely! Simply drop a new clipart item on the card, and the Image Browser will come up. You can select images from anywhere on you computer and import them to the business card. Image formats supported include .BMP, .JPG, .GIF, .EMF, .WMF.

You can also drag and drop images from Windows Explorer, or copy and paste them - from the Office Clipart Organizer for instance.

Q: What type of clipart is included?

We have had custom clipart created for the following professions or businesses:

Accounting, Apartment & Home Rental, Artist, Painter, Artist, Pottery, Artist, Stained Glass, Aviation, Backhoe, Bakery, Bar or Pub, Barber, Beauty Salon Or Hairdresser, Bookkeeping, Bookstore, Bricklaying, Carpenter or Handyman, Catering, Childcare, Baby Sitting or Daycare, Cleaning Services, Janitorial, Computer, Concrete, Cook or Chef, Doctor or Medical, Electrician, Exercise or Fitness, Eye Doctor, Farm or Produce, Financial Consultant, Florist, Home Building, House Painting, Investigative Services, Ironing, Jewelry, Landscaping, Lawn Mowing, Lawyer, Locksmith, Mechanic, Moving, Music Teacher, Musician, Drums, Musician, Guitar, Musician, Piano, Party Planning, Pets, Cats, Pets, Dogs, Photography, Plumbing, Seamstress or Tailor, Secretarial, Snow Removal, Swimming Pools, Tanning, Taxi, Travel, Tree Services, Upholstery, Writer, Yard Cleanup.

These are included at no extra cost, and are royalty free when used to create business cards.

Q: How many business cards am I allowed to print?

There is no limit. You can print as many cards as you like, for as long as you like.

Q: I have a previous version. Do I have to uninstall my current version before I install a new version

No. Install right over the current version. Your old templates are preserved and you can use them in the newer version of Visual Business Cards.

Q: How do I reinstall or install on a new computer?

- download Visual Business Cards from here:

- reinstall it (or install it on the new computer). Once installed, run the program and enter the serial number. If you no longer have your serial number, you can request a lookup here:

If you have a question that is not answered here, feel free to send us an email. For technical questions, email and for purchase or upgrade related questions, send email to .